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Kim Winkeleer

Kim Winkeleer

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Krissy Miller

VP of Public Relations

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TreImage is a marketing, public relations, fundraising, and special events company dedicated to providing high-quality, tailor-made service to its individual clients. TreImage is known for integrating the entertainment, luxury consumer products, and non-profit industries to create unique and memorable high-profile experiences that maximize its clients' brand-building efforts. Keep scrolling to learn more about TreImage consulting company.

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We are a one-stop shop for all levels of business marketing, licensing, branding, and sponsorships. Our dedicated team takes great strides to bring a high level of customer service with dignity and trustworthiness. We do not get paid until you get paid, and we go above and beyond to ensure your branding goals are met.

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Esteemed Clients

We have proudly secured corporate brands and celebrity clients for the past five years. On the marketing side also, we have been securing corporate contracts with major law firms for the last five years.

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