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GRN was born out of a burning desire to share CBD for the miracle molecule that it is without the hefty price tag that usually comes with it. Created in 2016, GRN has always been a single origin product working closely with our contracted farm to extract the highest grade CBD packed to the brim with cannabinoids and flavonoids to ensure the highest consistency of quality products. 

But our secret sauce is really our mixologist. 

With over 300 flavors registered with the FDA, the custom formulations he designs are tailored for maximum impact along with lip-smacking deliciousness. Each ingredient from our Madagascar Vanilla down to our Australian Eucalyptus Oil is sourced from independent growers from around the world, then combined with not only CBD, but CBN, CBG, CBC – the rare cannabinoids – to deliver soothing and relaxing effects. Whether you’re enjoying a deep soak with our bath bombs, nourishing your skin with our lotion, or relieving stress with our gel caps, GRN is designed to soothe. 

The best health solutions have always been in our plants. Rediscover them. 


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