The Panda's Friend

"The Panda's Friend" is a modern lifestyle brand that embodies the symbolism of the Panda and seeks to inspire positivity and a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Pandas signify friendship, peace, balance and abundance. They have been described as being warriors, possessing the strength of a tiger but with a calm demeanor. The Panda is often compared to the yin and yang because of its black and white spots; yin and yang are often thought of as complementary forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts. Everything in life has both yin and yang aspects - but the whole is always greater than any of the individual parts. Everything is interconnected.

"The Panda's Friend" combines fresh, clean, innovative graphics with quality, comfortable materials. It is designed for men, women and youth who want a smart, fresh, casual style. The line currently includes short and long sleeved t-shirts, pullover and zip up hoodies, and hats. Please check our site frequently as more products will be added on a regular basis

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